Thank you, from all of us on the Arch Committee,


         Brad Bowman, Mary Chavez, Myrna Eberhardt, Buck Fries and Joaquin Schmidt            ________________________________________________


Hello Serrano Neighbors,

We hope all of your Holidays were happy and went smoothly. Here we are, into a new year already! This is just a little reminder for all new and old residents, you can find the applications for making changes to the exterior of your home or landscape in the Club House Library. It is wooden turn-about just to the right of the door. These are needed when you plan to repaint, replace fencing, or make any permanent land-scape or hardscape changes to your home. General maintenance and repairs do not require an applica-tion. Also, tree removal, which we covered last month, does not require an application, but check with us if you plan to replace it, so you choose from the approved tree list. We are always here to help if you have questions, but please give us a call prior to just dropping by. We thank all of you for your support and cooperation in these matters. We have a wonderful little community to live in, but it takes everyone to do their part in keeping it up


Several months ago, the Board asked the Architectural Committee to propose a new color scheme for the Clubhouse exterior. The new color scheme was picked from the list of approved homeowner colors, and includes Modern Ivory for the stucco, Sahara as an accent on the pop-out areas, and Banister Brown for the wood trim. A much brighter, fresh look!


In addition, all the street lights have been changed to energy efficient LED bulbs. Not only do they provide better lighting, they should provide a big savings on our electric bill.
It has been suggested that I remind residents of the "framed" color palette suggestions, located in the Clubhouse Library on the wall behind the wood turn-about (which also contains the Architectural applications, color charts, and related materials). This is a great resource for those of you who may be having difficulty picking colors. The work has been done for you, however, these palettes are only suggestions.


Thanks for your support!  We look forward to your applications.


Your Architectural Committee:

Brad Bowman, Mary Chavez,  Buck FriesMyrna Eberhardt, & Joaquin Schmidt


Serrano Del Vista HOA newly approved color choices are shown below.  Contact Brad Bowman with any questions.

The Architectural Committee is chaired by Brad Bowman and the other members are Linda Morgan (Secretary), Janice McGill, Joaquin Schmidt and Myrna Eberhardt.


Please insure that you comply with the community established rules and regulations relating to modifications or additions to your property and structures.  


If in doubt, please ask before performing the work.  


The rules are there to protect all of our property values and insure that our community is enhanced with any changes made.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.