Welcome to our New Residents





 Welcoming Committee News 

By Claudette Baker


Are you a new resident and haven't received a welcome packet? Please contact me, Claudette Baker, and I will set up an appointment with you. I would like to meet you and make sure that you have everything that you need!    



Claudette, is the person who meets with all new residents and provides them with information about the community as well as the surrounding area. 


She also provides the required vehicle decals to new and existing residents that need them.


All residents' vehicles are required by our community HOA Rules to have a SDV decal on the windshield.  This allows all of us, and epecially the Neighborhood Watch Team, to recognize those vehicles that do not belong to residents and might not be wanted in the neighborhood.  Guests are required to check in at the front gate using the call box to contact the resident and thereby accessing the community.  Visitors' vehicles need to have a hang tag on their vehicle if parked overnight in the community.  Gardeners, workmen, etc. should also come in the front gate, after contacting the residents for access.  We have and will  continue to ask that all vendors have proper identification (company name and telephone number) on their vehicles to help identify them.  Starting January 1st, 2013, anyone not complying with these established decal requirements has been subject to fines by the HOA.  Neighborhood watch does not enforce these rules, but does support the HOA Board in making sure that compliance is achieved.