The Serrano del Vista 



By Edwin Garrett


I want to encourage everyone to drive the speed limit for our community, which is 15 miles an hour.  Please drive safely...


As a safety issue, we believe that it is a good idea to keep your garage doors closed when you are inside and that you keep your porch lights on at night.  Mind you, this is not mandatory.  Please keep your safety in mind if you are out walking at night and wear light clothing or something with reflectors.  A flashlight is also a good idea.  We want you to be safe!


If you get a new automobile, please remember to get a new decal and if you already have your decal, please provide Evie with the new license plate number.  All vehicles owned by residents are required to have a Serrano del Vista decal.  Overnight guests can park in the street and should have a parking pass hanging from the rear view mirror.


Residents are required to maintain their garages so as to permit parking of at least one vehicle inside the garage. Vehicles can be parked in the driveway, but should not hang into the street more than if the vehicle was parked on the street. Only operating and registered cars and trucks may be parked on driveways. New residents can park on the street for the first thirty days. Overnight guests may park on the street day or night for a period not to exceed 7 days. A visitor’s pass (no. should be facing the street) should be hung on the rear-view mirror at night



If you are having difficulties with your gate code please contact Claudette.  If you have changed your telephone number, your gate code needs to be updated and she needs to update her records for the telephone book.  Remember if your telephone number is outside the area (a toll call), the gate will not call you if you have a guest.


I have received several complaints about cigarette butts and animal waste. If you smoke or walk your dog, please be prepared to pick up your waste and take it home with you.



  Thank you for what you do, be safe and if you see something, say something.



Edwin (909) 534-2948  ● Jim (909)-354-9399








We thank those who recently joined the patrols. We appreciate everyone who continues to turn on lights at night and close garage doors. Let's continue to keep our neighborhood safe and a great place to live!


We can still use volunteers to patrol our neighborhood. The sign for your car is in the drawer of the front table.  Walking patrols are also welcomed to observe and report suspicious activity. 


A reminder that scams continue to plague us!  Publisher Clearing House will not ask you to send money or pay any up-front taxes or costs.   Be very cautious when the caller asks personal questions or wants funds sent before you receive the "prize.”  Never give out information over the phone unless you are 100% sure you are actually talking the party you believe you are.  Best to not give info to someone calling you – instead, say you will call that company back and do so using a real verified number for them from their Internet site or phone book.

Finally, I really like the website You enter your address and when asked, select "Sunset" as your home. You can send messages to just our area or other neighborhoods around Banning and Beaumont. The City of Banning is also using the site just to post alerts or public notices. 


Neighborhood Watch - submitted by Edwin Garrett, President


Disaster Step Guide
Download and Print this Disaster Step Guide.
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The Neighborhood Watch wants all the residents to know the back gate on Lincoln Street is an entrance  gate for residents only. All other vehicles are to enter the main gate on Sunset. ALL OF OUR HELP IS NEEDED TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

Also please pay attention to the following safety reminders

  1. Speed limit is 15 miles per hour. Your neighbors are walking the streets at all hours.
  2. All dogs walking must be on leash.
  3. Front porch lights on at night.
  4. Residents must be present with friend and family at all times when walking our community, pool and clubhouse.

Only the Residents can make our Serrano del Vista Safer.


Thanks for all you do to keep our community a safe place.


We continue to ask for volunteers for the Neighborhood Watch group to help out with patrols and/or to take on a Captain's assignment.  It is a great way to give back to the community and to meet your neighbors. Please contact Evie Samples, Sal Carrizal or myself if you are interested in participating.


Any resident of Serrano del Vista can be - and is encouraged to be - a member of the Neighborhood Watch organization, volunteer for patrols and/or to act as Block Captains and participate in all NW activities.